Smooth bandknives

Splitting bandknives for textiles

Alber's splitting band knives are renowned around the world for their top precision, invisible weld seams, and consequently the highest quality standards. When cutting textile fibres, it's extremely important to ensure that the band knife is running precisely and that the edge retention is excellent. Alber knives - like the PrimeCUT quality grade - epitomise top production quality from ALBER. The separation of velour and carpet and the trimming of textile web require a cutting tool which meets the highest requirements.

In addition to our splitting knives, we can offer all common dimensions for machines for the cutting of textiles to size. If you have special requirements for a band knife, please do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiry.

Cutting knives:

  1 smooth cutting edge 2 smooth cutting edges
6 x 0.4 mm x x
10 x 0.45 mm x x
12 x 0.45 mm x x
15 x 0.45 mm x x
20 x 0.45 mm x x
25 x 0.45 mm x x
30 x 0.45 mm x x
6 x 0.60 mm x x
10 x 0.60 mm x x
12 x 0.60 mm x x
15 x 0.60 mm x x
20 x 0.60 mm x x
25 x 0.60 mm x x
30 x 0.60 mm x x
35 x 0.60 mm x  

Splitting knives:

Thickness in mm 0.60 0.80 0.90 1.00 1.20 1.50
Width in mm            
60 x x   x x  
80 x     x    
85   x x x x  
90         x  
95         x  
100         x x

Additional variations are available upon request!

  • Splitting velour web
  • Trimming textile web
  • Cutting textiles to size
  • Mayer
  • Kuris