Splitting bandknives

Splitting bandknives for cork

Alber's splitting band knives are renowned around the world for their top precision, invisible weld seams, and consequently the highest quality standards. When splitting cork, a high level of precision and long edge retention over the entire processing width are absolutely vital. Alber's knives - like the SuperCUT quality grade - epitomise compliance with really narrow tolerances and have an excellent price-performance ratio. The high level of precision minimises the grinding process, thus ensuring a longer knife lifetime. If you have special requirements for a band knife, please do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiry.


Thickness in mm 0,60 0,80 0,90 1,00 1,20
Width in mm          
60 x x   x  
80 x     x  
85   x x x x
90         x
95         x
100         x

Additional variations are available upon request!

  • Skinning cylinders
  • Splitting blocks
  • Materials such as cork, cork rubber for flooring, seals etc.
  • Bäumer
  • Fecken-Kirfel
  • Camre
  • Gong Young
  • TenSheeg