Splitting band knives

Splitting band knives

  • Alber's splitting band knives are renowned around the world for their top precision, invisible weld seams, and consequently the highest quality standards. When carrying out the groove-free splitting of rubber, a high level of precision and long edge retention over the entire processing width are absolutely vital. Alber's knives - like the RA-Perfect quality grade - epitomise compliance with really narrow tolerances and have an excellent price-performance ratio. The high level of precision minimises the grinding process, thus ensuring a longer knife lifetime. If you have special requirements for a band knife, please do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiry.


    Thickness in mm 0.60 0.80 0.90 1.00 1.20
    Width in mm          
    60 x x   x  
    80 x     x  
    85   x x x x
    90         x
    95         x
    100         x

    Additional variations are available upon request!

    • Machines


      • Bäumer
      • Fecken-Kirfel
      • Gong Young
      • Sunkist
      • TenSheeg
    • Application


      • Cylinder splitting
      • Block splitting
    • Materials


      • Rubber
      • Neoprene
      • EVA
      • Recycled rubber
      • Cell foam
      • Sponges