Alber: Splitting band knives and band knives for the processing industries

With a 100-year corporate history of manufacturing tools, Rudolf Alber GmbH & Co. KG is known around the world as a producer steeped in tradition. The spectrum of offered band knives for cutting materials like leather, cork, foam, rubber, paper, and textiles now ranges from single machines for end users to fully automated industrial facilities. The company always focuses on high quality standards and performance. Today, the company is managed by the fourth generation of the family, and holds the promise of an innovative future.

  • 11.05. bis 15.05.2015 in Hannover

    Ligna 2015: Weltleitmesse für Forst und Holzwirtschaft

    Im gewohnten Rhythmus findet dieses Jahr die Ligna in Hannover wieder statt. Die Alber Trennwerkzeuge GmbH wird mit einem Stand...
    2012/2013 investment project is coming to an end

    Investment of over 600,000 euros ready for production

    After two and a half years of planning and construction, the project for expanding capacity for the production of splitting...
  • "Super" tannery knife ensures super results

    40,000 cow hides split

    At a tannery in Argentina, up to 40,000 cow hides are split with a tannery knife. Argentinian tannery SADESA has again confirmed...
    Usage period of 8 weeks in 2-shift operations

    CNC knives break a record

    Alber's contour cutting knives have broken a record in the hands of a renowned customer. According to the plant manager, a usage...